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HV Cable installations up to 33kV Including Terminating & Jointing

We provide a complete H V cable installation service which includes cable installation, jointing, terminating and testing of all types of HV cabling including 3 core SWA, single core AWA and Triplex up to and including 33kV. Our team of personnel have a wealth of experience in carry ing out installations in a safe and efficient manner to the highest standards in a ll environment s installing cables in open trench, ducts and cable trays & ladder racking.

When carrying out HV terminating It is extremely important that the correct termination s are used to suit the type of cable and also the bushin gs fitted to the particular switchgear and transformer installed. T o ensure that we only install the recommended termination to each type of cable and equipment we will were necessary discuss with the equipment and termination manufacturer. We will only ev er use HV terminations and joints sourced from reputable manufacturers installed to the highest standards as per manufacturer’s instructions.

Also included within HV terminating and jointing is DC pressure testing or VLF testing as required to voltages an d duration s as recommended by cable and termination manufacturers. This is to ensure cables are fit for service after terminating and jointing has been completed.

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