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Arc Flash Hazard Evaluation & Mitigation Reports

These reports concern the evaluation of the electrical system in terms of prospective arc flash hazard, determining the amount of energy that would be released in an arc resulting from a flashover on the electrical switchboards. The report will provide information for the development of a strategy and protective measures for personnel engaged i n work in the vicinity of exposed and energised electrical conductors.

The report will make recommendations in terms of protection settings, in order to reduce arc flash energy where possible, minimizing the severity of arcing faults, and at the same time optimizing the operation of protection of the facility’s network so that quality of supply is not unnecessarily impaired. It also provides information for the recommended PPE measures for personnel engaged in work in the vicinity of exposed and energised e lectrical conductors.

In order to carry out an arc flash, fault level and protection studies and establish protection relay settings, each relevant part of the electrical system and its associated protection are modelled using industry leading software.

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